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The Salary....

When I came across this quote & video, it really strung a chord in me.

I can remember sitting in a cubicle with fluorescent lights around me with everything going as routined. Felt like a factory. I didn’t feel alive inside, while outside I was all smiles. I kept saying to myself, I’m getting paid more and got my weekends off. I’m comfortable. Back when I was a field Audio Tech, I felt more alive! However, the long hours and unwanted overtime wasn't something I wanted in the long term. Again, going back to the old mindset, I had to think about a “Real” future because I have a son to raise. I had to “Grow up”.

At the office, everyone around me was so easy to get along with. I really did enjoy their company. It was a shirt and tie culture though. At one point in life because of being in a private catholic school I swore I wouldn’t wear a uniform again. However, when I saw the offer they gave for salary, I was like “Show me to the tie section please”.

From a Filipino Background, landing a Sales position at a prestige building like the Vancouver Convention Centre, I felt like I had to keep my family proud by hanging on to this Job. It was like a lifetime opportunity. So I started to change who I was really inside to adapt to the 9-5 office culture. I was changing the way I talk, my closet was getting full of dress clothes, and at one point, I was barely listening to Hip Hop. I had my alias JedRocks, but I was embarrassed to tell my office colleagues that. I felt that I couldn't be my true self because I thought others would think I'm not that professional with how I was before.

All for what… A damn Salary…

Because of the Salary I became a Wantreprenueur and not a Entrepreneur. Although I did put some effort into a side hustle, I’ll truthfully say it was more of an interest than a commitment. Whenever there would be an obstacle on this side of the road, I would quickly jump back. I’d never fully follow through with my side hustles because I didn’t want it to affect my Salary side. I thought I’d be lost by not having that consistent income coming in.

I'd already started the “Normal” life process with bills and credit card debt. Then the fear of not being able to pay my expenses the following month really got to me. I would work harder at the office, with hopes of a higher Salary increase on my next performance appraisal (which I really hated doing). What’s saddening was that when it did come time for the appraisal, I was told I’m doing great and the raise they gave me felt like a slap in the face. Even though they said it's the maximum they can give for that position. Instead of fighting, i just let it be cuz it was still an increase and my bills weren’t going away anytime soon. So the Cycle began…

*Can’t say that I didn’t learn from this experience though. The sales training I got from there I found was invaluable and can keep these skills forever*

I had it all set in my mind that I will be here for a while to pay off debt until I can figure everything out beforehand so I can be ready to get started as a real entrepreneur.

That obviously didn't work.

After some leaps and some growth, I stumbled across what you saw above. With some real thought,

I started to really get what Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’leary is saying. I had these dreams that I wanted to pursue, but do to society and Salary, I'd either hold off or not pay full attention to achieving what I really wanted in life.

After my crazy encounter with Cancer, I found the courage in myself to break that "Drug" (Salary) Addiction and left a High Paying Job to pursue my own path in life. You only got one and I personally decided that I didn't want to commit the majority of my life to just one company.

Looking back at a Salary, it does give me an uneasy feeling cuz it reminds me of how a ditched my dreams. I got comfortable with what I had and what the world wanted from me. I got scared of the unknown and did not like that feeling that I had no control.

Yes, walking into the unknown and facing your fears is really daunting. But once you find a way to get past those fears, you’ll somehow find a way to create a light in the darkness. With that light, you can now start creating. There will be times, the lights might shut off, but know they will always turn back on. This isn't an easy task, but if you got the will and courage to get through it, the rewards are endless.

Since taking that leap here are a few things that I noticed that really developed in me...

-COURAGE, although I’m afraid, I’ll still take that next step into the unknown

-SELF CONFIDENCE, Whenever there’s an obstacle in front of me, I know I’ll find a way to get through it.

-CREATIVE MINDSET, I’m not really talking about artistic stuff like Drawing/Writing/Acting, I’m talking about creative ways to get to your goals. When you know that you won’t have food on the table in the upcoming days, and with enough thought, you will find a way!

I've learned to focus more on the creative part of life and even though there is the unknown, it's way more fun to be in. Like anything new, it's tough at first, but with consistency and determination, one can find there way.

Enjoy your Journey!


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