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The Power of Perspective: Seeing Through the Eyes of Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre

I’m gonna dive into a fascinating topic: Perspective. It's that mental faculty that shapes how we view the world and tackle life's challenges.

During my journey with Brain Cancer, I had to make a decision to take the treatment or not. The information that was given to me was that there can be a high chance for it to grow back and treatment would kill whatever cells that could be remaining. A combination of Chemo and Radiation therapy would be the plan if I moved forward.

The decision to take the treatment was made because I didn’t want to have to go through surgery again. So this would be another fight I had to get ready for.

What helped me make that decision was using my perspective. I had this situation right in front of me and looked at it with different perspectives. Being a student and fan of Martial Arts, I even used my imagination and acted as if I was talking to some of my favorite fighters. In my mind, I asked Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre what would they do in this situation? They both replied back with “We’ll Fight it!” and that's what I did.

We're going to imagine what they'd do if they were diagnosed with a life-altering condition. Brace yourselves, folks!

Picture this: Anderson Silva, the guy known for his never-give-up attitude inside the octagon, and Georges St. Pierre, the brilliant strategist who always seems to have a game plan. Now, let's see how their perspectives would influence their responses to such a diagnosis.

Former UFC Champion and Hall of Famer
Anderson Silva

First up, we've got Anderson Silva, a true warrior with an iron will. From his point of view, this diagnosis would be just another opponent to face. He's not one to back down or lose hope. Silva's mindset is all about confronting adversity head-on and proving his mettle. He'd probably use this challenge as an opportunity to inspire others with his unyielding determination. Talk about fighting spirit!

Former UFC Welterweight & MiddleWeight Champion and Hall of Fame
Georges St. Pierre

Now, let's shift gears to Georges St. Pierre, the tactical genius of the octagon. From his perspective, this diagnosis would become a puzzle to solve. He'd dive deep into research, consult experts, and analyze every available option. St. Pierre's approach would be all about using his mental faculties to outsmart the condition. He'd turn it into a strategic battle, combining his fighting skills with knowledge and planning.

So, what can we learn from these UFC legends and their perspectives?

First off, Anderson Silva teaches us the power of resilience and determination. No matter what life throws at you, it's all about staying strong and never giving up. Silva's mindset shows us that challenges can be conquered and turned into opportunities for growth. That's an attitude we can all embrace, both in and out of the octagon.

Then we have Georges St. Pierre, the guy who shows us the importance of strategic thinking. He reminds us that fighting isn't just about throwing punches—it's about using our brains too. By carefully analyzing our options and making informed decisions, we increase our chances of success, no matter what battle we're facing.

JedRocks & George St. Pierre with a copy of "Thank You, Cancer!"
JedRocks w/ The Legend GSP

Now, don't think these lessons are only for the octagon. Oh no! The power of perspective applies to all aspects of our lives, whether it's work, relationships, personal goals and in my case Fighting Cancer. By adopting a positive and determined outlook like Silva, we can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. And by channeling our inner GSP, we can approach challenges with a game plan, ensuring we're ready to tackle them head-on.

So, remember this: PERSPECTIVE is everything. By seeing the world through the eyes of Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, or anyone you look up too, we can tap into their fighting spirit and strategic brilliance. Let their lessons inspire you to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Keep fighting, keep strategizing, and keep embracing the power of perspective!

Do you have any stories on how you used Perspective?

Comment below! Would love to hear yours!


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