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Proving Grounds 7

How I put together my first Boxing Event

Recently, I put together a boxing event

“Tuesday Night Fights Presents Proving Grounds 7”

Being in the events industry for quite some time in the past, I used that knowledge to help put on a boxing event relatively easily. It also helped having someone there mentoring me each step of the way. Shout out to the Hebrew Hammer. Mark Friedman. Not only was he my boxing coach back in the day, he was my coach on this event.

Planning an event is all a process. Once you have everything all mapped out, all you gotta do is execute it. Putting together all my knowledge from being a kid and watching my mom put together a Filipino Family Party, putting together my son’s bday parties, and years of working at the Vancouver Convention Centre, I’ve put together a road map and some stories with my experience on How to put a boxing event together.

I put the first part of my journey into 2 short videos



I know I was supposed to make a video on the next 3 steps, but there was more to it. So I decided to let you know the final process in written format.


The next step was to make sure that the venue was covered for any liabilities within the facility so we needed an insurance certificate from Boxing BC. I emailed the admin and was sent a copy of the certificate which I then forwarded to the Venue.

At the same time I asked if we were able to set up the night before and that was good to go. Managed to get us in the evening before.

Done and Check.


The other step was now Marketing the show.

We went and did the organic approach. Broke it down into smaller sections.

Word of Mouth

We first told everyone at our club about the show and to let their friends/family members know. With the fights that were currently booked, we mentioned to the other coaches and fighters about the date and sent digital flyers. Also told them that tickets will be available soon and will let them know once available.

Social Media

We didn’t spend on ads, all we did was post consistently, and everywhere. I got other members from our community to start posting that digital flyer we sent out. I posted consistently on most major platforms that I have an account with. The video’s you saw above were made to help market the show. Again letting whoever is seeing the posts know when tix will be available.

Local Paper

We decided to do an old school approach and contacted the local paper in Richmond, BC Canada. I was able to get a Press Release done about the show and then contacted the Head Office to find out who the best person to send it to. I got the proper information and sent the details of the show. I got a reply back and was asked if I could do a short Q & A about the show over the phone. We set the date for the call and then hit that link below to see the article.



Follow ups with Confirmed fights.

This one last part is one of the toughest parts in this game. Keeping the fights until fight night.

I would do a weekly follow up and reach out to the teams competing on the card to see if everything is good. This is where all the fun began. At one point I had 9 fights booked, then suddenly it would be down to 5. I would have 7 fights booked, then down to 4. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. So I just kept on dialing, txt, and emailing looking for fighters.

I had that goal of 14 fights and kept on going. During this time, I almost lost the main event… TWICE. 3 days till fight day I only 7 confirmed fights with no Main Event. I’ll admit that I did feel a sense of frustration during these times, but for the most part I stayed positive & Calm. I had faith everything will be good. I got a couple of calls back days before fight night and got 2 fights, 1 being the main event for the belt.

At the end, 9 bouts was the perfect amount for the night and I can say that it was a huge success. We had a sold out event, the crowd had a great time, and I’m looking forward to putting together the next card.

Take a look that video’s below for some Show Highlights.


Part 1


Check out my IG page for more Event Highlights




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