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A N.E.W Chapter Begins


We've parted ways mutually as the goals I wanted to achieve did not align with what they wanted to do. However, I am grateful for this experience cuz it helped me see my goals more clearer and made me realize what I really need to do to get there.

I still like the story of how it all started, so check it below!


Here’s the story on this one!

After filming the episode with Ryan Ventura, the topic of Pro Wrestling lingered way longer than it should have. Normally when I put time aside to read, I got hooked on watching favorite matches and clips from Pro Wrestling growing up. I got hooked and couldn't stop watching. The more I watched, the more dopamine I got cuz Pro-Wrestling triggers good memories for me. The entertainment they provided to Wrestling fans was something special. The Athletes really loved what they did and when you see the current documentaries series on Legendary Wrestlers like Hollywood "Hulk" Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, HBK, Stone Cold... Hearing some of them as Guest on Joe Rogan Podcast and telling their story as the person who they really are, not the character they were playing.

I have a real respect for these guys. Although it is all staged, those stunts are 100% real. They still HURT! That's what makes these guys special. They put on displays of pain for our entertainment and what AWESOME entertainment is it! I will always be a fan of pro-wrestling, from The Top of the chain to local independent shows. These guys give it all they got.

I feel so blessed to be part of this organization and get to promote something I've been a fan of since I was a kid. You can see a short history of some great performances I liked.

Just a few memorable matches that still stick with me.

Hart Foundation vs Strike Force

The very first I learned about wrestling and the very first Title Match I ever saw. It was at my Homie, Jeff's house at a family party. All us boys were sitting on the floor in his living room and we were all hooked on this match. I was told that the Strike Force are the “Good Guys” (Faces) and the Hart Foundation were the "Bad Guys" (Heels). Looking at these guys beating each other up looked like so much fun. Like Santa Claus, I thought this was all real. Well I wanted it to be real ha. With all of us cheering for Strike Force, I started getting really into it. Watching how the Hard Foundation was fighting dirty and stuff, I really hated those guys. And finally when things started turning around, Rick Martell pulling off the Boston crab winning the Tag Team belts, I was forever a fan!

Undertaker vs Mankind - Hell in the Cell

I was mainly used to watching steel blue cages growing up, Supafly Jimmy Snuka Leaping from the Top Cage. Wrestlers could easily climb in and out of the cage to get weapons or to distract. Then this monstrous art of work was created that both wrestlers were locked in and could even be on top of the cage! Mankind getting thrown off the cage onto the Commentators booth. Getting choked slammed through the top of the cage down to the ring on top of thumbtacks!?! Masterful piece of work!

Dudley Boys vs Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian - Triple Threat T.L.C Match

Tables, Ladders, & Chairs were pretty normal watching Wrestling, Individually.... But wait... What if you put all 3 together in one ring, for one match, with 3 Tag Teams... What do you get? A recipe for organized chaos! Tables, Ladders, & Chairs... Oh My... came from the mouth of Legend Mick Foley himself. The insanity what these guys did to entertain all of us will forever be a match for the ages. High Flying Action, with the Technical Aspects, along with Grit and Toughness made this a match to remember.

I could list so much more as there were so many great matches throughout the years, but that would steer off from the main point of the story. These are the ones that really stick out vividly in my mind.

Going down that rabbit hole and feeling how awesome those memories made me feel, I decided to check out the Nation Extreme Wrestling website as I already followed them on IG. As I was browning, I saw an opening for a Sales & Marketing Position within the company.

Something clicked and had that gut feeling that something was there... I sat with it and kinda did a check on all possible scenarios that can play out with this. Everything pointed to taking that leap and I knew I had to jump on this opportunity.

I saw the post on a Sunday Evening. I reached out to Ryan that night and asked who the main contacts are so I know exactly who to ask for.

Called the number on the site the following Monday, got the voicemail and left a message. A couple minutes later, Rob called back and I introduced myself. Told him I'm interested in the position. We had a quick conversation and knew I got him interested in hearing me out, but he wasn’t in the office at the time. He said to give him a call the next day when he’s in the office and will have a better discussion then.

I reached out again on Tuesday and we finally had a great conversation about the opportunity. I could tell he really liked what I was saying, then told me that I’ve passed 90% of the current applicants and asked me to come down to the office to meet the other partner Chris.

Small World because I knew who Chris was from my old Cold-Calling days when I was a Corporate Communications Rep for some Venture Capital Firms years ago.

Wednesday I headed to the office downtown to meet both of them. When I was introduced to Chris, I mentioned how I met him in the past through the old Venture Capital Group and knew the same people in the financial industry. Sitting down with both of them, the meeting felt more like a hang out than anything. Rob’s specialty is sports so I figured he’d know Don Taylor (Vancity Local Legend Sports Highlights Commentator). Before I left, I did some impersonations of Don and Rob loved it!

Later that day, I got a message saying I got the gig.

I took the opportunity instantly as I’m really into sports and sports entertainment. I love Combat Sports, I watch NFL and being Canadian, Hockey is a given. This is the industry that I was made for. I knew I would be starting from the bottom and bravely took that leap into it. The experience I gained building TableTutors with DJ Relik these past few years gave me the confidence to take the role and know that I can grow quickly cuz I already know what I need to do.

To get to the main point about the story is that taking Action is the only way to fully achieve and manifest your goals. You can sit there and visualize whatever is it you want and feel that you have it, and that's good! But it’s only the first step. The Next Step...

You need to take Action. Like physically getting up and moving! Writing that Cover and Resume, looking for places you'd like to provide your services too, posting those BLogs/Vlogs, or finding that next spot where you can perform at. You need to move, you need to get out there and look for those opportunities. You might not know where it will take you, but it’s the act of trying, the act of movement, that will start the process to start attracting the right opportunity to you.

To fully create the life you want, physical movement is necessary.

Movement is life.

To sum it all up.

Asking Ryan to be a guest on my show pointed me to a direction to look at. Looking in that direction I found an opportunity of a lifetime. I took physical action (called, spoke, traveled) and went all in to go get it.

Got it!


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