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Brain Cancer Warrior.

Creating Life

 After Cancer.


Providing you with knowledge to develop a Powerful Mindset to
conquer anything in your way.

Like Brain Cancer!
Jedro "JedRocks" Magtoto
Jedro "JedRocks" Magtoto
Discover the Path to Triumph: Learn from a Brain Tumor Survivor's Remarkable Journey!

In 2015, I received a life-altering diagnosis: Stage 3 Brain Tumor. This pivotal moment made me aware of life's preciousness and the significance of time. Fuelled by a new perspective, I embarked on a profound transformation journey, redefining my attitude and mindset. My Martial Arts training became a foundation for exploring the power of the mind and developing the courage to embrace uncomfortable situations.

In the face of Brain Cancer, I not only conquered the illness but also elevated myself through relentless Personal Development and Growth. I delved deep into the realms of Sales and Public Speaking, acquiring invaluable skills and knowledge. Now, armed with this wisdom and a proactive approach to life, I'm eager to reveal to you the secrets of success and guide you on your own path to achievement.

Allow me to share the power of my stories, which will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration on your journey. From the moments leading up to my diagnosis, through the grueling battle with Cancer, to the triumph that followed, my experiences will resonate deeply with you.

But my mission extends beyond the Martial Arts community; it encompasses everyone seeking inspiration and empowerment. No matter where you are in life, I am here to ignite the spark within you and help you unlock your fullest potential.

Join me on this exhilarating journey, and together, we will conquer obstacles and embrace the beauty of progress. As your dedicated companion, I'll be right beside you, providing unwavering support and encouragement.

Don't let anything hold you back from achieving greatness. The lessons I've learned and the victories I've achieved can be yours too. Let's seize the moment, cherish the journey, and create a story that will inspire generations to come.

Embark on this transformative adventure with me now and discover the path to triumph. Your goals are within reach, and I'm here to help you claim them. The journey starts here, and I'll be your guiding light every step of the way.

Since Winning My Battle

Self Published Author
  • Thank You, Cancer! 

P.O.W.D - Pack of Wild Dogs Combat Club
  • Community Manager / Co-Owner / Promoter

FilCan Clothing
  • Owner

The Filipino Cdn YouTube Channel
  • Host/Producer

Nation Extreme Wrestling
  • Sales & Marketing (Former)

TableTutors DJ Studios
  • Co-Founder

JeRocks: Motivational Speaker

Need Someone to Boost you up before doing something uncomfortable?

I'll give you the words you need to help guide you through anything you are currently struggling through.

Specialized for Combat Athletes.

Self-Published Author.

Book Now Available

Front Cover of JedRocks Book. Thank You, Cancer!

How Brain Cancer changed my life.

1st Book Review!

Thank You, Cancer! Book Review



FilCan Clothing

Representing Filipino Culture in Canada

JedRocks Official Merchandise
Official Ron Josol Tour Merch Supplier

A brand where 1st, 2nd, & Future Generations of Filipino Canadians can learn more about their roots, traditions, and Culture.

I started this clothing brand with the intention to build stronger bridges and bigger networks with other Filipino Communities not only across Canada, but the entire world through Culture and Design.

"Just someone who is proud to rep both my cultures!"

- Jedro Magtoto aka JedRocks

Filipino Canadian Comedian

 Ron Josol

Canadian Comedian

Russell Peters

Filipino Canadian Comedian Ron Josol
Canadian Stand Up Comedian Russell Peters
FilCDN 3.0 Design Logo
Fork & Spoon Design
FilCan Clothing Logo Worldwide

YouTube Channel


Logo of my Show "The Filipino CDN"

The Filipino CDN

Host my own variety show and talk about my favourite things like Food, Boxing/MMA, & Mindset/Personal Development. I also get to interview prominent Filipino Canadians from around the Country.

Co-Host with Filipino Canadian Comedian Ron Josol on his

"Ron The World"

Food Vlog.

Latest Episode Below.

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