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The 6 Mental Faculties You Probably Don't Know Yet that can strengthen the Martial Arts Mindset.

In case you might not know the other meaning of 'Faculty'


Faculty: an inherent capability, power, or function

6 Weapons To Unleash That Inner Warrior
An Artist in practice
The Journey of a Martial Artist starts with the Mind

To my fellow Mindset Warriors, I’d like to take this enlightening journey into the realm of the 6 Mental Faculties. In this fun and easy read, we‘ll embark on a quest that fuses the wisdom of the Martial Arts Mindset with the understanding of these lesser-known mental faculties. Prepare to tap into your inner warrior, as we explore how these faculties, much like martial arts techniques, can empower you to conquer life's challenges with grace and strength

In No Particular Order

A martial artist visualizing
Imagine and visualize your actions first

Imagination: Painting the Canvas of Victory

In any form of Martial Arts, before any move is executed, we first envision it in the mind's eye. Imagination is the brush that paints the canvas of victory. By harnessing the power of imagination, you can visualize yourself overcoming obstacles, defeating your opponent, and achieving greatness. Embrace that inner creative warrior, and watch as your dreams transform into reality through the magic of imaginative visualization

Relax and Focus
See things ahead in all possible situations

Perception: The Dance of Awareness

A skilled martial artist is always surgically aware of their surroundings, anticipating their opponent's every move. This heightened perception is equally crucial in the battlefield of life. By sharpening your perception, you can read the subtle cues and energies that shape your reality. Through the dance of awareness, you gain insights into the intentions of others and the underlying currents that influence events. Embrace the Martial Arts Mindset of perceptive vigilance, and navigate life's challenges with a keen sense of direction.

Thinking on the Mats
Trust That Gut Feeling

Intuition: The Warrior's Instinct

Instinct can mean the difference between victory and defeat. The warrior's intuition, honed through all those hard days of training, guides them to act swiftly and decisively. Also, your intuition is a potent mental faculty that draws from your inner wisdom and experiences. Trust your gut, listen to your heart, and let your intuition guide you through the maze of choices. Embrace your inner warrior's instincts, and you’ll find yourself making choices that align with your true purpose.

Stay calm in any situation
If you're determined, nothing will stop you
Willpower: The Inner Flame of Determination

As you grow as a Martial artist you’ll start to learn and possess an unyielding willpower, which fuels that determination to face any adversary. You can even say that your willpower is the inner flame that ignites your passion and perseverance. It is the force that keeps you standing tall even in the face of adversity. Train your willpower like a martial artist trains any other physical skills, and you shall conquer the most difficult challenges that life throws your way.

Keep Practicing
Repetition build habits and habits build instinct

Memory: The Library of Experience

As Martial artists, we respect the value of memory, as it holds the key to unlocking a vast library of techniques and strategies. In the journey of life, memory becomes the repository of your experiences and knowledge. Cherish your memories, cuz they serve as the foundation upon which you build your wisdom. Embrace the Martial Arts Mindset of continuous learning, and your memory will be your trusted guide on the path to excellence.

The Wrestler
Make thought for calculated risks and rewards

Reasoning: The Calculated Move

As the journey continues we’ll often engage in tactical reasoning, analyzing our opponent's strengths and weaknesses to devise a winning strategy. The faculty of reasoning is the compass that guides you through the complexities of life. Engage in logical thinking, evaluate options, and weigh consequences like a skilled martial artist strategizing for battle. Embrace your analytical mind, and you shall make decisions that lead to victories and growth.

Embrace these Mental Faculties into your Way of the Warrior-Mindset and you’ll see your game elevate in ways you could never have imagined.

Black Belt
Levelled Up

Congratulations, Noble Mindset Warrior!

You have now unlocked the secrets of the 6 Mental Faculties through the lens of the Martial Arts Mindset. Embrace these faculties as your loyal companions, and let the wisdom of the warrior guide your steps towards greatness.

In your pursuit of mental mastery, always remember that the Martial Arts Mindset is not a destination but a journey. Train diligently, cultivate your mental faculties, and watch as you evolve into the best version of yourself.

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