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How it all went down...

When Will Smith stated that quote, his life sorta turned out for the better. He was moving from the Ghetto Streets of Philly and moving to the lush neighbourhoods of Bel-Air. Mine on the other hand was going in a different direction that day. The date was Feb 23, 2015.

My internet connection wasn’t as fast as it could be. Earlier that day I was looking online at searching for a new router. I saw an AC1200 router that was on sale and decided to go take a look at it first hand later that evening. I met with my accountant first after work due to it being tax season. Then took the skytrain home so I can get my car to head to Best Buy.

I had a quick bite beforehand, then jumped in my car and started driving… All of a sudden, my left cheek started twitching. I get minor muscle twitches here and there, so I thought nothing of it at first. It didn’t stop and it started to twitch more vigorously, I didn’t know what was going on and drove another block. I started taking deep breaths to try and calm down. Still, the twitch didn’t stop and suddenly my head turned left uncontrollably. The last thing I can remember was that my whole body seized then I blacked out….

Next I remember was being revived by a paramedic, I was so groggy and didn’t really know what was going on. I just felt dizzy with a headache, kind of like a hangover. I felt like going to sleep but the paramedic kept on talking to me to keep me conscious. To this day, I never got to meet the paramedic who woke me up and if you are reading this I really want to thank you. I was put on a stretcher and carried into the ambulance, I never been in one before and determined not to be in one for a long time as well. The Paramedic started asking me questions, the more I started coming too, everything started to get clearer. I told him what had happened, he then stated that I had a seizure.

We finally got to the hospital and I was placed at a section in the ER. The ER doctor came to talk to me, asked what happened and I repeated what I said to the Paramedic. He too diagnosed that it was a seizure and also asked if I had any prior history to seizures, told him that this was my first one. He said that they will get my head CT Scanned as soon as possible to see if there was anything to have caused the seizure. While I was waiting a police officer came and spoke to me about what had happened to my car. She then asked if there was anyone they can call to let them know what happened to me. I gave them my parent’s number, she gave them a call, and told what had happened.

My parents finally came and the police officer waited for them. She gave a brief explanation on how I was found, gave her card to my dad with a report number, and gave him my phone she found in the car. By that time I felt like I was back to normal. I told them I was fine and I couldn’t explain to them why I had a seizure. I never had any headaches and I was fairly healthy for the most part. My diet was ok, I had a drinks on the weekends that I didn’t have my son, and smoked some cigarettes. I was not a chain smoker at the time, more of an occasional one. I messaged the girl I was dating at the time and she came as soon as she could. My sister then showed up after shortly.

I was still waiting on the word as to when I was going to get the CT Scan, I was getting restless because I felt so normal. I was hoping that the seizure was just an anomaly because I felt so healthy. My house is walking distance from the hospital so my parents and sister left. The girls I was dating stayed with me till I got more information about what was going on. Finally a nurse came and said that I will be transferred to the CT scan station.

Finally I got transferred to the CT Scan room, which is very relaxing place. It was lit with a calming light blue lights. On the ceiling there was a picture of a grass field with some trees. I guess the atmosphere did its job because I was very relaxed. I was placed onto the machine and I was told to stay as still as possible during the scan. The CT machine was cool and created a mild humming sound. The whole experience wasn’t bad as I thought it would be. When I was done, I was transferred back to the ER area where I was before.

Again we had to play the waiting game and finally the doctor came with the news…

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