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The Diagnosis

I was laying in the bed, talking, just trying to keep my mind off of things. The Doctor finally came with the results. I was hoping for the best but I was in for a shock. The Doctor said that he wished he had better news to tell me but they indeed found a lesion in my brain which would explain why I had the seizure. He wanted to get an MRI done to find out what it may be for sure, but it was a possible tumour. As it was pretty late, I was told to stay at the hospital overnight and get the MRI in the morning. The Doctor then tapped my leg as he was leaving and wished me the best.

I was speechless and quiet for a bit, then…

I Cried…


When I came too, my first thought was the “Why me?” question. Then I was told, “Just be grateful that you are still alive and they found it early”. I finally stopped crying and then soaked up the words that were just said. It was just instinct of me to crack a joke just to kill that mood. Can’t really remember what I was joking about, but that’s just who I am. I was able to contact my parents, again stayed positive throughout the night and told her that I just want to sleep now. She told me to get some rest and I told her that she can go if she wanted too. To my surprise she stayed with me the whole night sitting and sleeping in the chair next to my bed till the next day.

I couldn't really sleep good that night, I was woken up every hour to get my blood pressure and temperature taken. I would talk to her here & there throughout the night. Would fall in and out of sleep as well. I was awoken by breakfast being served and ate it. I got the news that I was booked in for the MRI in a short while. My family came back in the morning, my sister & dad took her back to the house to freshen up a bit, and get some food. My mom stayed with me till I was sent to get the MRI.

An orderly came by to let me know it was time for my MRI and got pushed to the imaging centre. I remember it being rather dark and didn’t seem as pleasant as the CT Scan room. It illuminated more of a yellow light around the area. I was welcomed by a technician and he went over with my what was going to happen. Kind of like a little orientation. I got lifted from the bed onto the machine, then they gave me some earplugs because they said the machine will get pretty loud. Since it was my brain getting scanned, my head was locked in position to prevent as much movement as possible. I remember looking up and seeing another picture of a field that was again calming.

The tech also gave me trigger to hold in my hand in case I feel something is wrong and I hit the button so they can stop to attend to my need. It was a 2 tech team that worked together and had to stay in another room as the machine deals with heavy magnets. They were able to communicate to me through a radio in the room and we tested it out which worked perfectly. Finally they started the MRI and all I heard was really loud clicking noises. It was definitely much longer than the CT Scan. The loud clicking kept on going on and on, and finally thought it was over. It was not, one of the techs came in and injected something intravenously. I later found out it was a dye to help with the imaging. I went through the last part of the scan and got the communication that the MRI was done.

I was transferred back to the ER, but they moved my bed next to the nursing desk. I lost my little private area but I knew that they needed to give it to someone more in need. My mom was still waiting for me. The rest of them came back and waited for a bit till I got some news. I was told that the Neurosurgeon was just getting out of surgery and will be looking at the images shortly. My dad wanted a coffee and my sister went with him. My mom and her decided to stay. A doctor came up to us and introduced himself that he was Dr. Lee. After looking at my MRI, he confirmed to me it was a tumour and they would need to surgically remove it as soon as possible. He then said he will be right back.

I remember everyone being really quiet, I looked over at my mom and saw a tear come down her cheek. My dad and sister came back and gave them the news. They too were quiet and I remember my sister giving me a hug. The Doc came back and told me that I was able to go home but will be on anti-seizure meds for the time being. He said before I leave I would need to have the first dose of Dilantin to be induced intravenously and would get me a prescription for pills to take at home. Again we had to play the waiting game as we waited for the liquid drugs to be delivered.

The drugs finally arrived and I was injected with the IV. I got the prescription, so my family said they would go to Shoppers Drug Mart next to the hospital, while the girl I was dating stayed with me. At first I was taking the dose at a higher drops per minute and remember feeling a burning sensation in my arm. I told her that it hurt and she said she would go find a nurse. The nurse came and lowered the drops per minute. It finally got more comfortable and started to feel the effects of the drugs. It felt weird and heard a mild ringing in my head.

My family came back and the ER doctor of that shift came up to me and ask some final questions before my release. Then my family was told that if “this and that” were to happen to call 911 right away. I was given some paperwork and had appointments already booked for some pre-op procedures. Finally I was given the release, gathered my things, my dad said he would go grab the car and pull it closer. I thanked the nurses and left the hospital but I knew that I would return shortly. Jumped in the car and finally went home.

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