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Acting, My First Booking

After fighting & beating Cancer in 2015, I really looked at life differently and wanted to do things I’ve always wanted to try. I knew my friend Arielle Tuliao (Her IMDB) is an actress and at a point in our friendship she mentioned to me that I should give acting a shot. I remember messaging her on how to get started and there just happen to be an open casting call sessions for commercials. There were 2 actually but at 2 different dates. I got the dates and times then said to myself that I just have to go for it.

After going to both, I felt really good about myself for actually doing it. At this point, I was proud to say that I did it. About a week later, I got messages from 2 agencies that they wanted to represent me. It was a tough decision to make, but of course I could only choose 1. 

I started taking some lessons at local acting schools and at one of them, I made a great connection with a classmate of the acting program which actually led me on a career change (Story about that Here). After the acting program, I got booked for multiple auditions, took some more acting workshops, and even got dropped from my agency due to conflict of interest. They already had someone of my character already on the roster.

After sending out some portfolios to other agencies, I heard nothing back. I never gave up hoping and knowing I will get noticed soon. I still had my Casting Workbook Account still active and then got a DM. It was from another agency and the agent was just building her Roster. I was quickly picked up and got back on my way to getting booked for auditions. A few years passed by with many auditions & callbacks, but never had an official booking.

At one point, I noticed that I wasn’t getting a call for an audition for a while. They used to come frequent. I then got a call from the agency and on the other end was my agents mentor. My current agent was no longer working there and as they were splitting up the roster between the other agents, I was picked by the one who mentored my agent (the one who no longer works there). She called me in for a meeting.

The meeting was awesome! She loved my look, my personality, and my attitude. I absolutely loved that she was my new agent. We totally clicked right away. She gave me a list of things to do to get me rebooted with my new Journey as an actor. I got everything done she asked for within 2 weeks of her requesting. I took more private acting classes just to refresh my techniques. 

The auditions started coming back into rotation again. I had one I was called in for that was casting for East Indian Male. Due to my look I fall into the multi-ethnic category, so I was able to audition for this role. When I signed in on the day of the audition, we were partnered up with a “Wife” that was casted for Caucasian Female. When it was our turn to go up, the casting director told us what we had to do. We did the scene a couple of times and then we were released.

A few days later, I got the callback! At the time, I didn’t really think I would’ve gotten it because although I look multi-ethnic, I don’t really look East Indian. Grateful for the opportunity for the callback, I went in but this time with a different “Caucasian Female” Wife. Once we got called in, we were told that the scene would be slightly different. The change wasn’t that drastic to worry much about. We shot the scene a couple of times and then again we were released.

A few days passed again and I got a text from my agent telling me I was on hold for the part. Not officially booked, but so close. The next day, I was in the washroom. While in the middle of washing my hands, my phone was ringing. By the time I was able to get to my phone, I missed the call and it was from a private number. About 30 seconds later, I got a text from my agent saying I WAS BOOKED!!! Gave her a call back and she congratulated me and I just had that feeling of joy inside me. I took a mental note of how I felt at that moment so I can use that to help me use that feeling when I would need it.

I got the information about the shoot and the rest is history. 

After 4 years of auditions and callbacks, I still know that this is just only the beginning of many more things to come. Have there been times where I wanted to quit? Yes! I gave myself excuses and why we should lick our wounds so we can focus on other things. But I stayed focus and with some will and determination, I was able to stick with it and I finally got a booking. 

After doing this commercial, I no longer have thoughts of wanting to quit this. I am having way too much fun. Now that I have a taste of what it’s like step by step from Audition to Shoot, I know that I want to continue doing this for a while. The journey is the fun part!

Take a look at my commercial below!


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